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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Liebster Award :)

Semalam,super duper busy with work sampai xsempat n bk blog lgsg...
Today, dpt surprise dr my future mua, Shazil Eclair :)
She nominated me for this award!
psst: I really love her blog,inspiring one! :)

Okay,lets begin!

The Rules: 

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate. 
4. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. 
5. Choose 5 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
6. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.

11 facts about me:

1. Very talkative...VERY! 
Bila Dila diam, suma org pelik. (mst tgh bendera jepun..hehe)

2. Minat benda vintage! 
(sampai adik tegur baju macam org tua dulu2)

3. Pantang nampak sampah yg boleh recycle, mesti nak bawa balik rumah.

4. Peminat tegar LAKSA..tak sedap pon boleh habis..
kalo sedap, bg 40 pgn pon lesap!

5. pernah jadi minah Gothic zaman dolu2(tp pkai tudung)...bajet MCR sgt!
alhamduliilah,da tobat!hahahha

6. Minat kucing. Jumpa tepi jalan or kat mana2 pon boleh 
stop and gi sembang dulu ngn meow2...buang tebiat! :P

7. Anak sulung yg sangat garang macam singa.

8. Interior Designer yg sgt dedicated.
Kerja dr pukul 9 pagi smpai 11 malam..phew! (terpaksa okay!)

9. Boleh faham Hokkien,tp tak reti cakap :(

10. Degil.ketegaq.stubborn YG AMAT2!

11. Pergi keja with bareface,dating ngn tunang bareface,
tapi kalo ad future in laws, makeup bukan main! PLASTIK kan? :)

Question from Shazil

1. What is your favourite movie or TV series?
So far, I find Transformer : Revenge of The Fallen is the best! 

2. What is your preferred personality that you are seeking in friendship and why?
Sincerity! Dila tak nak membe yg depan ja baik, tp blkg kutuk2..accept us the way we are :)

3. What are your favourite hang out spot?
Armenian Street! Weirdo right? Dila suka Penang Heritage Trail..ada masa ja mesti nak pi :)

4. What is your biggest phobia?
PACAT! bagi la ular wat so eva,but not this thing! kalah usin bolt Dila lari.
(penah guling2 satu rumah sbb ada pacat celah jari kaki and no one pull it out)

5. Your favourite snack(s)?
Used to be RICE BISCUIT, but since I'm now on Atkin's, my fav is SALAD :(

6. What are your hobbies besides blogging?
Making doodles,craft and DIY wedding stuff!

7. Who is the fictional character that you wish to rescue you from danger?
Bumbleebee in Transformer of coz!

8. When would you normally update your blog?
If got ideas,but I try to make it once in 3days :P

9. What is the makeup brand that you are lusting over but couldn't get it?
Erk...I also not sure coz I'm not a "makeup" person..

10. Three cosmetics items that you cannot live without?
Eyeliner,mascara & lipgloss (can save me in some situation!)

11. Do you love Gwiyomi meme that's going on the internet?
LOVE IT tapi kalo budak yg buat...org tua besar,muntah! :P

My Questions To The Next Nominees Are:

1. What is your weirdo nickname and why?
2. What is your job and do you love it?
3. What is your biggest phobia?
4. What is your childhood time favourite game?
5. Who is your idol in fashion sense?
6. Do you love drawing and can you make any?
7. How you meet your partner?
8. When is your unforgettable birthday celebration?  
9. Do you think guys look cute in pink?
10. Do you practice any martial arts? Why?
11. Five must have items in your handbag?

Thank you Shazil Eclair, Magic Chic Makeup for nominating me for this Liebster Award.. 
It is my very first tags! :)
Hopefully  jawapan yg Dila bagi okay..hehehe

I'm nominating the Liebster Award to:

Nad, Nurie.Sya.Nadia
Bella, Kisah Kami DAH kawen
Mrs Nelly, Mrs Nelly Bouquet
Miss Hidy, Kisah Hati Miss Hidy
Chil & Zam, Tweet of 2 Hearts

Selamat menjawab korang! :)


  1. Erk..byknye..
    Kena cari time nak jwb ni..

  2. Soala awak sgt susah utk dijawab hokeh... tp looks fun.. hahahaha...

    1. Simple je Nelly..gudluck! :)

    2. Da bt.. tersengguk2 sy taip entry..


  3. Yeay I'm done. Berjejeh peluh aku nak menaip wahai Sos !! Hahahaha.

    Link : http://nadiaradzif.blogspot.com/2013/05/liebster-award.html

  4. Da siap!

  5. Hi Dilla, thanks for the answers. Really appreciate it dear. Bestla Dilla talkative,hehe kak ni shy2 cat tapi klau dgn org peramah baru laju start enjin
    bercakap jugak lol...yes Laksa mmg best and kak suka mkn byk kali bila ada petis udang. Yummy!

    1. oh my god! u make me craving for Laksa!huhuhuu...sabar2...diet lg pntg..hahahah :)
      Thanks for nominating me also sis! :))

  6. lepas dah kawen baru tahu..ssb lame xbukak blog bz hal kawen bln 5 tuh .. :) thanks yer dila..muahhhx