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Monday, 4 February 2013

Wedding Cake Ideas : Ombre Maniac!

Olla Pretty!
 Dah ada design yg bekenan di hati for your wedding cake?
Mungkin Ombre is the right choice for you.

Kenapa sy suka Ombre Cake?
Its simple and nice!
InsyaAllah this design will be at my side (bride) reception..

Lets see fews option for ombre cake!

Ombre cakea layer cake with graded hues of a single colour, 
as well as matching, graded frosting.

Cantik kan? So, have it one! :)


  1. ombre cake nmpk sgt menarik kan! fyqa pon suka..

  2. it's look so yummy.
    me.. cake lover. don't u know?
    haha. happy preps darla. XOXO~!!!

  3. planning nk cake ni..tp dh try cri kt penang ni yg leh wat camni tp xjmpa2 lg.

    1. Fyka..ada je kt Penang dear.. dh try tgk kt Melting Bites? dorg ad buat.. mcm Dila order kt member Dila, dea homebsaed business.. fb dea Sugar Style.. try Fyka tgk ye.. gudluck dear! :)