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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wedding Wednesday 3

Like everyday I'll googling for wedding stuf.. Most of them are rustic, vintage and DIY styled of wedding... Until I found one of overseas wedding that captured my attention so much.. So whimsical, beautiful and dreamy! Lets see some of the picture o fthe wedding... Scroll down please :)
very unique lamp shade decor! love it to the max!

colorful main table chair..prettaaaayyy! :)
eye captured decor! lovely isn't it? :)

adorable flower girl with cute hairband!

the lovely couple!

Awwwwww...couldn't stop myself from adoring this wedding ssooooooooooooooo much!
Wish I can decor mine like this to...

pic courtesy to: Eliza Claire


  1. colourful yet still Sya rs cm ade element vintage gitew. hehe

    tp kt msia nih sshnk cr vendor yg bLeh provide kerusi cmni. cm chiavari chairs tu, mahaL gk pade Sya. huhu

    1. comel kan?heee...

      mmg xde pon kt msia cmni,kalo ade pon vendor mst letak rega mahal gila sbb brg cmni susah carik... chiavari tuh siyes mahal.. sewa je dh dekat rm12, katakan nk pkai 100..fuh.. sewa kerusi je 1200... susah sgt, bentang tikar jela..hee :)