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Friday, 7 June 2013

Last Birthday as BUJANG :)

Dear Mr Fiance,

Many words depict love and affection,
Demonstrate your care to perfection.
My birthday wishes to you my love,
Should be something that blows you but I don’t know how.
For my love, it is so difficult to capture my feelings towards you,
In just a few words to make them sound true.
Happy Birthday Dear Sweetie Pie!

6th June 2013

Birthday boy with his special homade cupcakes! :)
Simple marble cake with fondant decorating...
Bole tak Ejam tny,
" Plastesin ka ni?"
Aiiigoooooo @_@

Yes, this is all homemade 100% by me and only me... 
Stay up until Subuh to finish this..
Sleep for just an hour, go to work with sleepyhead :p
*syg punya pasai..nek ting tong kt opis..huhu

Figurine yg konon2 look like him, but NOT at all ~sigh! -.-"

Just a little celebration.. Xcukup masa..
Dinner kat Nando's ja pon..
Xsnap gambar sgt coz to hungry..lol!
nanti kita celebrate lain la na...
Hadiah pon nan hadooo..xdan cari wei..adoi la..
Busy..busy..busy! ;(


Happy 25th Birthday My dear Ejam!
Wish you many happy returns on your birthday..
I love you ketat2 syg! :)

With love,


  1. happy birthday to tunang sis.. umur tunang sis sama ng umur tunang kte cuma birthday tunang kte dh 2 bulan berlalu hehe..

    sis chantek lah cupcake tu.. nti buat bg recipe buleh? =)

  2. cantik!! pandai dilla buat.. kalau anis entah hape2 lah jadinya carving fondant tu.. huhuhu