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Monday, 9 May 2011

It's MAY already.. :)

Ermm.... da 5 bulan we've been together... 
Alhamdulillah... things going smooth like we wish for..
I'm happy being with you ...siyesly! with no doubt at all!

Thanx sbb bw  kuar jejalan.. Igt x masa lwn boling ritu? 
 menang kan? (utk 1st round jela kan)
2nd kamu plak menang.. So,its fair & square..hehehe (saja ja bg menang)
Best sgt2 ms tu...Actually,dh lm xpgg bola boling...Lps gak gian... ;)

Hey Inchik Ejam, np ensem sgt? geram ja tgk.. 
Rs mcm nk ja cubit pipi tu (even xbp nk ada isi) hehehe..
Paling cute ms pkai helmet...pipi tetiba je jd tembam...haha

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